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Yes, with him between their thighs they could get a hold of enough orgasms and creampies to permanently scramble their brain matter! This is the signature move for Brandon.

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How do you play the? You can calculate his dick length by using the head as a measurement unit.

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Unlike many sexy ebony men who are boring to watch, Madingo always approaches every scene with a little bit of humor.

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He was first spotted in 2008 but his most noticeable performance came in 2009.

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There are some "secrets" as to why so many of these guys are well above average.

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He is a versatile porn actor who has dealt with countless hard ladies in over one thousand porn scenes.

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Xander rocks a toned body, muscles aplenty, and a royal spear of a dick! This dark-skinned rogue has been nominated for or won more awards than you could shake a stick at in a month of Sundays and has provided the cock that sent so many like Adriana Chechik over the edge! Born and raised in the UK, Paddy has grown to be a favourite to many.

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If that is so, I am sure there are a thousand or so ladies out there in the world walking around bowlegged for years, all because mad Mick dumped them atop a bed and pumped them till they went near crazy! Cutler X is a legend of the gay pornos.

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There's no doubt that his numerous pornographic scenes are thrilling to watch.