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List of Emotions: 135 Words that Express Feelings

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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Categories I chose these categories because they seemed useful -- I have not seen any system of "basic" emotion types that I find really convincing or precise, although many systems do exist :• Depending on that perceived threat, fear can range from mild to severe.

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0 — — — — — — They also made a model labeling phases of learning emotions.


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A list of feelings, or is it a list of emotions?

Kozlowska K, Walker P, Mclean L, Carrive P.


Everyone grieves in their own way, so do what feels right to you.

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Here is the ultimate list of emotions to help you identify your feelings: AFRAID Agitated Alarmed Antsy Anxious Apprehensive Cautious Concerned Cowardly Distressed Dread Edgy Fearful Foreboding Frazzled Fretful Frightened Guarded Hesitant Horrified Hysterical Jumpy Nervous Panic Paralyzed Paranoid Petrified Restless Scared Shaken Skeptical Startled Stressed Tense Terrified Timid Trepidation Twitchy Uptight Vigilant Wary Worried ANGRY Aggravated Animosity Annoyed Antagonistic Antipathy Bitter Bothered Burning Choleric Cold Consternation Contempt Cross Disgruntled Enmity Exasperated Frustrated Furious Grouchy Harassed Hostile Ill-tempered Impatient Indignant Irritated Irate Irascible Mad Miffed Moody Nasty Offended Outraged Peevish Perturbed Pissed Resentful Petulant Rage Rattled Resentment Sour Testy Tetchy Vexed Vindictive Wrathful COURAGEOUS Adventurous Audacious Bold Brave Capable Certain Cocky Confident Comfortable Daring Determined Fearless Free Grounded Gutsy Powerful Proud Resolute Strong Superior Tenacious Tough Valiant Vehement Worthy DISCONNECTED Adrift Alienated Alone Aloof Bored Conflicted Consternated Cranky Denial Detached Disillusioned Disinterested Distant Distracted Empty Groggy Hollow Jaded Indifferent Isolated Lethargic Listless Lost Neutral Numb Powerless Preoccupied Puzzled Reluctance Removed Resignation Resistant Sheepish Shut Down Sluggish Sullen Torn Uneasy Withdrawn DISLIKE Abhorrence Aversion Detest Disdain Disgust Envious Grudging Hate Repugnance Revolted Scorn EMBARASSED Appalled Apologetic Ashamed Chagrined Compunction Contrite Flustered Foolish Guilty Humbled Humored Inferior Inhibited Mortified Pathetic Regretful Repentant Shame Self-conscious Sorry Submissive Useless Weak Worthless ENERGIZED Alert Alive Animated Aroused Bouncy Curious Fanatical Fascinated Feisty Fervor Gung-ho Gusto Hyper Intense Psyched Pumped Snappy Sprightly Thirst Titillated Vindicated Zeal Zest GRATEFUL Blessed Fortunate Gratified Relish Savor Thankful Touched HELPLESS Awkward Baffled Challenged Clueless Complacent Disturbed Exhausted Fatigued Fragile Impotent Incapable Needy Overwhelmed Pathetic Perplexed Powerless Resigned Sensitive Trapped Victim HOPEFUL Anticipation Craving Desiring Eager Encouraged Expectant Hankering Optimistic Trusting HURT Agony Betrayed Humiliated Pained Stung Suffering Suffocated Tormented Tortured Traumatized INSECURE Bashful Befuddled Bewildered Cynical Confused Doubtful Possessive Shy Woozy INTROSPECTIVE Absorbed Brooding Contemplative Engrossed Enlightened Inspired Interested Meditative Nostalgic Pensive Reflective Solemn Stirred Wonder JOYFUL Amused Awed Bemused Bliss Blithe Bonhomie Buoyant Carefree Cheerful Delectation Delighted Delirious Ebullient Ecstatic Elated Enchanted Enjoyment Entertained Enthusiastic Euphoric Excited Exhilarated Exuberant Felicitous Genial Giddy Glad Gleeful Goofy Happy Humorous Invigorated Jocular Jocund Jolly Jovial Jubilant Liberated Lighthearted Lively Lucky Merry Mirthful Mischievous Motivated Passionate Perky Playful Pleasure Positive Proud Rapture Reassured Relieved Sanguine Satisfied Silly Sunny Thrilled Triumphant Upbeat Vibrant KIND Caring Compassionate Cordial Earnest Empathetic Pitying Self-loving Sincere Sympathetic Succor Tender Thoughtful Vulnerable Warm Welcoming LOVING Accepting Admiring Adoring Adulation Affectionate Ardor Attached Attracted Captivated Devoted Enthralled Felicitous Fondness Fulfilled Infatuated Intimate Intoxicated Present Protective Safe Sensual Warm Worthy PEACEFUL Accepting Calm Centered Collected Comforted Composed Content Ease Free Fulfilled Mellow Mollified Open Pacified Patient Phlegmatic Present Receptive Relaxed Secure Settled Sure Trusting Tranquil SADNESS Aching Alienated Angst Anguish Blue Choked Crestfallen Crummy Crushed Defeated Dejected Depressed Despair Despondent Devastated Disappointed Discouraged Dismal Doleful Down Downcast Excluded Forlorn Gloomy Grief Heartbroken Homesick Hopeless Hurt Lonely Longing Melancholy Mournful Pained Pessimistic Remorseful Sick Somber Sorrowful Teary Troubled Unhappy Upset Weary Wistful Woe Wretched Yearning SURPISED Amazed Astonished Astounded Breathless Disbelief Dubious Dumbfounded Flabbergasted Floored Quizzical Scandalized Serendipitous Shock Speechless Stunned Stupefied UNKIND Crafty Cruel Derisive Greedy Petty Selfish Smug More Related Articles: How will you use this list of emotions? you feel close and connected to people you care about• Saudade: a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.

A list of feelings, or is it a list of emotions?

Emotions are transient states that come and go relatively quickly.


His team of researchers provided their test subjects with photos of faces showing different emotional expressions.

Philosophy 101: List of Emotions

Sugu, Dana; Chaterjee, Amita 2010.

Positive Emotions List (55 Positive Feelings Plus a PDF)

Liget: originating fro the Philippines; a sense of vitality, ability, energy, and power, strictly due to love of some sort.