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All the way to the very end.

Eating My Own Cum

Here you go: 1 Get some good porn; 2 Watch porn with keen interest; 3 Lube the palm of the hand you use to JO with but not the other one; 4 Form said hand into a fist, but not so tightly that you cannot easily insert your cock; 5 Begin pumping your cock into the lubed hand; 6 As the point of no return begins, aim the head of your dick into the hand without lube on it; 7 Ejaculate into the palm of the unlubed hand; 8 Lick the fresh ejaculate from your unlubed hand, beginning at the palm, next the fingers, then finally the wrist should there be any there ; 9 Swallow after taking a moment to enjoy the taste and texture; 10 For the sake of preparedness, have a glass of something tasty nearby: if you don't like the taste of your ejaculate, this should act as a palate cleanser.

Men Eating Cum: CEI and Why Eating Your Own Cum Is an Art

If you eat her out after cumming in her you have already been eating your own cum.

Ask Emily: Is it Normal (or Safe) to Eat Your Own Ejaculate?

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Step 1: Do You Want To Eat Cum? Anyhow…they was the most I ever put in my mouth.

Eat Your Own Hot Yummy Sticky Cum Sissy Hypno Trainer

if you don't get pre-cum at that time, , then stop , relax for few seconds, and repeat this process.

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Got to get my regular girl to do it now.

Is it safe to eat own cum?

I LOVE being a MAN! Then eyes wide I watched in the mirror as Mistress Melissa walked up behind me while putting on a strap-on.

Cum eating femdom, porn

Eat Your Cum on Food Not even joking here.